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Spectrum Cellular Management has helped many cell site landlords take control of their cell tower leases, protect their assets and ensure safety on their rooftops. Our professional team has the technical know-how and experience to safeguard our clients’ property, increase revenue, beautify the cell site and reduce/eliminate liability.

From churches to retired couples to large corporations, we serve a diverse property owner customer base. Take a look at our landlord success stories to see how property owners like you have benefited from a partnership with Spectrum Cellular Management, LLC.


Pastor Scott Fairchild Crossroads Church Manhattan Beach, CA.

“SCM has been our cellular advisory company for the past two years and has exceeded our expectations of lease knowledge, technical expertise and professionalism. Our church has gained significant revenue under SCM’s guidance and oversight as well as reduced safety liability. We are very thankful for SCM.”

Commercial Property Owner

Elise Varela Dental Office Owner Montebello, CA.

“SCM uncovered significant damage to our rooftop, unpermitted square footage use and FCC non-compliance issues. SCM was able to get these issues corrected, increase our revenue and recover back rent. I cannot imagine trying to watch over our cellular tenants without the knowledge SCM possesses.”

Robert M. Tennant, Esq.

Attorney for Broadway Investment Group, LLC, Santa Ana California

"We have been working with Michael Flores and his team since October 2017, after receiving a referral from another attorney. Since then, SCM has negotiated vastly improved lease terms on our behalf, and has been vigilant in enforcing our rights and safety on our roof. We are extremely grateful to have the technical expertise of Michael and SCM's engineers working on our behalf."

“SCM found numerous damages to our rooftop. SCM got our roof resurfaced and increased our rental revenue.” John Harris, Phoenix, AZ
“SCM conducted a detailed survey of our cellular rooftop, analyzed our lease and discovered our carrier tenant was using three times their allotted square footage.” Gary Nordbye, Denver, CO
“SCM helped us gain control of our rooftop, stop the intrusions and eliminate tenant disturbances.” Mary Trujillo, San Diego, CA

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