• Cellular carriers are required by the FCC to conduct what is known a Maximum Permissible Exposure (MPE) Compliance Report. These reports are only provided to property owners on request and can only be interpreted by radiofrequency engineers.
  • The MPE report measures maximum permissible exposure of the electromagnetic energy (RF radiation) coming off the cellular antennas.
  • The MPE report is required every time there is a specification change to the cellular carrier tenant’s antennas.
  • Carriers are also required by the FCC to provide safety training to property owner personnel and workers accessing the areas near their cell site antennas.

Many scientist and prominent law firms believe RF radiation injury is the next Asbestosis wave of lawsuits.

Cellular carriers are actively working to transfer this RF radiation liability to the property owners by getting them to sign notices that state the landlord will monitor the rooftop RF safety.

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