To Trust, Or Not To Trust

  • T-Mobile has agreed to pay a $40 million fine over accusations that the company tried to cover up poor rural cell service with "false rings.“ (April 16, 2018)
  • Verizon and a company it bought just paid $614M in the biggest FCC fine ever (February 2018)
  • AT&T Mobility Faces $100M FCC Fine for Misleading Consumers (February 2015)
  • Verizon, Sprint to Pay $158M to Settle Illegal Billing Investigations (May 2015)

Gain Control

5G is coming in 2018 and 2019. DO NOT give away your leverage! Now is the time to improve the terms of your lease, get roof damages corrected, change access times, get your rooftop SAFE and INCREASE your revenue.

Rent Reduction Phone Calls

Are you getting phone call and/or letters from companies representing your cellular tenants claiming that they need you to reduce your rent? You are being scammed! We tell you the truth and only want to improve your lease terms, increase your revenue and make your property safe! We do all of this at NO COST to you.

The Truth (what is coming?)

Spectrum Cellular Management
  • New 5G antennas at every site
  • Generators at every cell site
  • Additional LTE First Responder Antennas
  • Emergency backup batteries at all 5G sites
  • Fiber Expansion
  • Nation’s largest 5G network by 2020
  • Acquisition of rural cellular companies to support growth
Spectrum Cellular Management
  • Sprint will be acquired by T-Mobile in 2019
  • NO new site construction 2019
  • Staff Reductions
  • Cell Site Decommission
  • Employee Layoff
  • Retained employees become T-Mobile employees
  • Leases will be Terminated
Spectrum Cellular Management
  • Sprint customer will become T-Moble
  • New 600 MHz antennas at every site to 5G Expansion
  • Generators access at all sites
  • Additional 4G Sprint Antennas
  • Additional backup batteries
  • Massive site expansion to accommodate Sprint customers
Spectrum Cellular Management
  • New 700 MHz antennas at every site to support First Responders
  • Generators at every cell site to support First Responders
  • 5G antennas at every site
  • Additional 4G Antennas at all high data sites
  • Additional backup batteries
  • Filters to stop interference with Sirius/XM radio

Do Not Approve Any of These Requests:

  • Antenna Changes
  • New FCC Signs
  • E911 Antennas
  • First Responder Antennas
  • Like-for-like changes
  • New Batteries
  • New Generator
  • Maintenance work
  • 5G Antenna Adds
  • RRU or RRH Adds

5G is coming. Property owners have more negotiating leverage than ever.

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