Asset Protection Of Cellular Rooftops By Experts

Spectrum Cellular Management (‘SCM’) is a telecommunications technology company that has developed a proprietary state-of-the-art Telecommunications Intelligence and Analysis Software platform known as TIAS. SCM’s software analyzes a landowner’s cellular assets to identify and evaluate lease defaults, quantify back rent owed, increase future rent, and eliminate unknown liability. SCM’s team is comprised of industry leading experts in the fields of cellular development, geographic information systems, radio frequency engineering, database development and cellular real estate leasing.

SCM is the only company representing landlords that can accurately determine money owed to our landowner partners, their site valuation, and their site necessity, with the goal of protecting their assets and realizing their full and fair value.

Core Values

We Protect Our Clients

Because we partner with our clients, we are always focused on making sure our clients’ cellular tenants are safe, FCC compliant, and not operating beyond their lease rights.

We Are Technical Experts

Through our proprietary software, licensed drone operator surveys, and 100 years of combined cellular experience, we aim to be more technical than any other cellular tenant representative.

Integrity and Ethics

SCM recognize that almost every decision we make, and every action we take, entails an ethical choice. As leaders in our industry, we adhere to the highest standards of ethics and integrity, without fail and without compromise.

We Deliver

Protecting our clients’ lease agreement rights and making sure they do not get taken advantage of by cellular carrier tenants is paramount to us. We do not rest until we deliver exactly what we promised.

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