Telecommunications Intelligence and Analysis Software

Very often, SCM uncovers that cellular carrier tenants are exceeding their permitted lease area square footage allowances, are not FCC compliant, have placed equipment in unpermitted areas of the roof, the cellular antennas are not safe, or damage has resulted to the roof due to poor workmanship. When properly brought to the carrier’s attention, these issues can lead to favorable lease amendments, back rent payments, damage corrections and higher monthly rent compensation. SCM uses high resolution drone imagery and experienced cellular engineers to conduct these assessments at NO COST to our landowner clients.

FCC Cellular Antenna Compliance

The EMR Policy Institute and many leading experts of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) estimate that a large portion of cellular rooftops in the United States do not meet the FCC’s requirements for cellular antenna safety on rooftops. As a landowner, you are unaware of the liability you are assuming if someone is hurt as a result of excessive electromagnetic radiation due to your cellular lessee’s non-compliance with the FCC’s requirements.

PLEASE watch these videos to learn more. SCM wants to protect you at NO COST.

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