With over 150 years of combined cellular knowledge in every facet of the cellular industry, SCM has created the first-of-it-kind management support specifically designed to protect the best interests of Cellular Property Owners. SCM’s technicians conduct onsite surveys of all properties we serve at the onset of our engagement and on an annual basis. Through a combination of hi-resolution drone images, ground images, construction analysis, workmanship review, and a thorough analysis of the lease exhibit construction drawings SCM can effectively identify all areas of lease breach concerns, safety violations, and FCC noncompliance. SCM manages hundreds of cellular properties in various areas of the U.S. Our clients range from small churches to multibillion dollar publicly traded real estate companies. All SCM client receive access to our proprietary 5G lease language. There is no lease in the U.S. as well prepared for 5G as the lease we give to you.