SCM has developed a proprietary database comprised of over one million FCC registered and unregistered cellular locations throughout the United States. As engineers and database junkies, SCM’s founders spent 10 years recreating the history of cellular growth in the U.S. from 1G to 5G. Through this process, we were able to ascertain which cell sites in what areas of the U.S. grew the fastest from the time they were first put on air. The faster a cell site grows, the more customers it has and the more money it makes the carrier.

SCM’s proprietary data - coupled with the economic growth of the city/area, the average cost of real estate in the area, and thousands of confirmed cell site rents across the U.S. - provides our clients with the knowledge that they are getting above fair market value for their property. To know what a cell site is worth requires knowing how fast the cell site grew in cell phone user capacity. There is no other way!