With headquarters in California, offices in Texas and New York, and site representation across the country, there isn't a property or landlord we aren't ready to consult with.

With headquarters in California, offices in Texas and New York, and site representation across the country, there isn't a property or landlord we aren't ready to consult with.


We are proud to supply cellular advisory services to over 200 self-storage facilities throughout the United States. Our in-depth cellular knowledge has helped to recoup over one million dollars in back fees owed to cellular landlords due to the unapproved use of excessive space. In concert with some exceptionally large self-storage companies and their legal counsel, we are proud to say we’ve created lease terms and conditions that are second to none in the U.S. SCM knows how to protect self-storage owners on the ground, in the air, and in the lease.


With the continuous evolution of 5G technology, industrial landlords are growing increasingly concerned about the deployment of 5G cellular antennas on their rooftops or adjacent cellular towers. This concern stems from the need to ensure the safety of outdoor workers in these industrial facilities, as they might be exposed to potential dangers from long-term radiation exposure from nearby cell sites. To address this issue, it is recommended to maintain a safe distance buffer of 90 feet, both vertically and horizontally, from 5G antennas. This precautionary measure enables industrial facilities to protect their workers and maintain a secure working environment while embracing the benefits of 5G connectivity.


SCM provides advisory support to commercial real estate clients ranging in size from sole property ownership to multibillion dollar publicly traded REITS with thousands of properties. Whether you are a small fish or a large whale, SCM deploys the same tactics in support of your property. SCM has also created industry leading 5G lease language that is specifically designed to protect landlords and their interests. We infuse over 150 years of combined cellular knowledge into every client we support.


Spectrum Cellular Management (SCM) takes pride in providing law firms across the United States with specialized support in navigating 5G cellular matters. Our expertise becomes an invaluable asset to law firms and their clients, particularly landlords facing complex challenges. At SCM, we firmly believe that a deep understanding of cell site construction is essential to effectively protect landlords and their lease agreements. By collaborating with knowledgeable landlords and skilled lawyers, SCM forms a formidable alliance that ensures optimal outcomes in legal counsel for landlords. SCM's comprehensive knowledge of the legal landscape empowers law firms to succeed in their endeavors.​


SCM leverages its extensive expertise in 5G cellular matters to assist the retail industry, offering tailored support to businesses nationwide. Our specialized consulting services become an invaluable asset to retailers, addressing their cellular infrastructure challenges and ensuring optimal connectivity. We firmly believe that a comprehensive understanding of cell site construction is essential for safeguarding retailers' interests. By combining the knowledge of experienced retail professionals with SCM's specialized insights, we form a potent relationship that enhances retailers' cellular capabilities.


In 2018, SCM had the privilege of serving its second client, a church facing extensive damage challenges. This particular church had suffered damages amounting to over 750K in its gymnasium, and additionally, they were owed more than 250K for the illegal use of their electricity. SCM takes immense pride in empowering religious institutions to address their unique needs and ensure their rights are protected.