SCM’s technicians conduct onsite surveys of all properties we serve. Through a combination of hi-resolution drone images, ground images, and a thorough analysis of the lease exhibit construction drawings SCM can effectively identify all areas of workmanship concerns, safety violations, and lease noncompliance. SCM’s provides detailed survey results to all our clients and acts as added support to all our client’s counsel.


Staffed with experts in site acquisition, land use planning, data analytics, and construction management, SCM can quickly and efficiently determine the reasonable value of the cell site and if the cellular tenant is currently lease compliant. SCM’s senior leadership team is adept at managing complex wireless telecommunication deployments and executing landlord friendly leases. SCM has industry leading proprietary 5G cellular lease terms and conditions that we share with our clients for their protection.


SCM’s senior RF engineer and founder Kyle Kitchens has more than 45-years of radio frequency engineering experience and is one of the leading experts on 5G safety in the United States. All SCM’s clients undergo a thorough property and occupant safety analysis. Further, on all properties we support the cellular carrier tenant must adhere to the FCC requirements for safety. An FCC Electromagnetic Energy (EME) Compliance Report is required for all properties we serve. This report is reviewed and either approved or rejected by SCM’s safety engineers. We estimate that less than 10% of all cellular sites in the U.S. undergo a safety analysis.


SCM’s technicians review the cell site radios and antenna configurations to estimate the monthly power draw at the cell site. In the hundreds of cell sites SCM has surveyed an average of 10% have unauthorized power consumption. As we evolve into 5G cellular carriers are intending to triple their input power at more than one million cell sites. A 4G cell site operates at 120 Watts of input power. A 5G cell site will need 320 watts of power. SCM wants to make sure your power is not used by your cellular tenant without your knowledge. SCM has recouped over one million dollars in illegal power use settlements for our clients.


Each of SCM’s technical advisors has over 20 years of cellular development experience. Our technical experience and ability to interpret construction drawings, structural calculations and to understand the process of constructing a cell site allows us to place a forensic set of eyes on the facility. Our knowledge is essential to determining the roof cause of the damages concern and to expediting corrections.


We understand the importance of integrating telecommunication infrastructure seamlessly into the aesthetic appeal of your property. Our Property Aesthetic Enhancement service focuses on enhancing the visual appeal of your telecommunication installations by providing innovative and customized design solutions. Our team of experts works closely with you to create aesthetically pleasing solutions that seamlessly blend with the surrounding environment.