Most of the cellular rooftops in the U.S. are NOT safe. SCM estimates that 80% of all cellular roofs are NOT FCC safety compliant. 5G is estimated to be 20X more powerful than 4G. All cellular landlords MUST be better insured, properly indemnified, FCC safety compliant, and accurately compensated for the liability landlords’ burden.


5G, the fifth generation of wireless communication technology, is a revolutionary leap forward in the digital landscape, setting new standards for connectivity and reshaping our world. At its core, 5G offers unparalleled data speeds, reaching multiple gigabits per second, enabling lightning-fast downloads, seamless streaming, and more efficient internet experiences. This enhanced speed, coupled with remarkably low latency, which reduces data transfer delays to mere milliseconds, unlocks a plethora of possibilities.


While regulatory bodies have set safety limits for RF radiation exposure from 5G based on existing knowledge, there are concerns that these regulations may be outdated or insufficient to address emerging issues related to 5G technology. Ongoing research, transparent communication, and a precautionary approach are essential in ensuring that the safety of 5G is adequately assessed and addressed, protecting both workers and the general public as this revolutionary technology continues to shape our interconnected world.


At SCM, we prioritize FCC compliance to ensure safety for both workers and the general public. The FCC mandates Radio Emissions Analysis Reports for all cell sites operating near public areas. However, with 5G antennas operating at frequencies without proper safety oversight and possessing 30X more power than 4G systems, safety concerns have escalated. Landlords, too, face increased liability due to 5G antenna installations on their properties. As an essential first step, SCM conducts a comprehensive FCC safety analysis for every property we represent. Check out the informative video on EME meter safety concerns on rooftops, where CEO Michael Flores sheds light on this critical issue.


Surprisingly, over 400K commercial rooftops in the U.S. are not safe for cellular operations. At SCM, we estimate that a staggering 80% of all cellular roofs fail to meet FCC safety compliance. To illustrate the cellular tenant's safety concerns on your property, we present an eye-opening video. As we embrace the 5G era, which is estimated to be 20X more powerful than 4G it becomes crucial to ask the question: "is my rooftop safe?" At SCM, our experts prioritize your safety by ensuring better insurance and proper indemnification.


Workers in the cellular industry can be negatively affected by radiofrequency (RF) radiation if they are exposed to it at high levels or for extended periods without adequate protection. While RF radiation is considered non-ionizing and does not have enough energy to break chemical bonds or cause direct DNA damage, it can still produce certain health effects when exposure exceeds safety limits. When workers are in close proximity to high-power antennas or transmitters, the RF radiation can cause localized heating in the body tissues, similar to how a microwave oven heats food. This thermal effect can lead to discomfort, burns, or even heat-related illnesses if workers do not take proper precautions or wear appropriate protective gear.